“Oil Me Up Baby!”- Amazing Grace Massage oil in top twenty lotions!


Lets shop, beauty editor Maria Cataldo, features our Amazing grace massage lotion in Sun Special:

“Want to get your body celeb-worthy for the warmer weather? Invest in body oil or two and apply instead of your usual moisturiser.

Now we're not suggesting you slather on so much you slide off chairs at bars (ha!), just enough to soothe scaly legs and add a nice, healthy sheen.”


When it comes to forbidden romances, Grace is about as forbidden as fruit gets – she has a crooked smile that would knock a movie up a rating: no, she couldn’t turn it off if

she donned a muumuu and put road kill on her head.

She embraces life – the good, the bad and the bubbly. She crushes any self-made man who worships his creator. Content in herself, she doesn’t exercise, she figures if

God had wanted her to bend over, he would have put diamonds on the floor…

This non-greasy, frangipani scented lotion infused with witch hazel, is perfect for a relaxing day on the beach or a romantic night in.

Simply smooth over the skin with light and rhythmic motion until total relaxation is achieved!

We love it and so should you!


Glamourflage Girl.

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